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Competition Format
Competition Rules
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Competition Format 2019

Last updated: 21st August 2019, subject to change.

  • The festival will be run over four days as a species hunt.
  • Weather permitting, Kilmore Quay will be the chosen venue for the festival.
  • If the weather does not favour Kilmore Quay, the committee will either choose another venue or cancel the match for that day.
  • Each boat will be assigned a group for the duration of the competition.
  • Each group will be given a time to leave the assembly point. Each group will move to the alternative times each day.
  • The assembly point for all groups and competitors each day will be on the road in front of the Grangecove accommodation site by the Emo Garage.
  • Each group must make their way to Kilmore Quay, launch and then wait within the confines of the harbour to be given the “GO” signal by their group leader.
  • Times for leaving the assembly area will be:
Leave the siteLeave HarbourReturn Harbour
Group 107:00hrs08:00hrs16:00hrs
Group 208:00hrs09:00hrs17:00hrs
  • These times will give each group one hour from leaving the assembly area to get to Kilmore Quay, Launch, Park up neatly and be ready to be given the “GO” signal by their group leaders. There will be no need to drive at breakneck speed to get to Kilmore Quay.
  • On your return, these times will allow one hour for each group to clear the slipway before the next group is due in.
  • Times are subject to change by the committee. This can be due to weather conditions and other factors that may determine an earlier or later start and a reduction in the match day. Any changes will be communicated at the Coast Rosslare Strand, festival HQ each night. Please make sure at least one crew member attends every night.
  • Weigh-in will be at the side of the Harbour Masters Office.
  • Each group must weigh-in before the next group can weigh-in. These times allow each group one hour to weigh-in and clear before the next group arrives. Please have a crew member ready to weigh-in as soon as possible.
  • Once you have weighed in, please clear the car park and roadway as soon as possible so the other group can weigh-in.
  • Boats who are berthed in the Harbour for the competition should raft up in their respective groups for ease of access and departure the following day.
  • All daily results will be available for viewing at Coast Rosslare Strand, Strand Rd, Bearlough, Rosslare in the evening.

Competition Rules

UPDATED: 18th September 2018

  1. The competition organising committee cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage of any kind, no matter how such injury, loss or damage occurred.
  2. All competitors are responsible for their own travel, personal property and boat insurance.
  3. All boats must have the minimum safety equipment on board and must have a VHF radio.
  4. Life jackets must be worn at all times whilst at sea and in the harbour area. This is a legal requirement in Ireland.
  5. Decisions made by the committee are final.
  6. There shall be a minimum of two and a maximum of five persons per boat.
  7. The committee reserves the right to adjust the rules, venues, times or limitations as it sees fit for reasons such as but not limited to safety. It will be the committee’s responsibility to convey any such changes via the festival notice board, VHF radio or word of mouth to all competitors.
  8. It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure that they read the notice board regularly and are aware of any changes that may take place. At least one member of the crew should attend the evening briefing which is held each night at the festival HQ.
  9. Channel 10 on the marine VHF will be used as the competition channel. It will be used to convey any late changes or safety information.
  10. It is the responsibility of all competitors to monitor Channel 10 at all times during the competition.
  11. Competitors are requested to use an alternative channel for inter-boat communications.
  12. All complaints must be in writing and presented to a committee member within one hour of the close of scales. The committee will investigate all complaints and will give a ruling within eight hours.
  13. The competition is only open to boats up to 22ft or 6.7m (bow to transom) that can be legally transported by road trailer.
  14. There will be a maximum of two rods per competitor.
  15. There will be a maximum of three hooks per rod (treble hooks count as one).
  16. With conservation in mind, the competition will be run as a species hunt over four days, whereby:
    1. Where a species is required to be brought back to the scales, only one fish of each species is to be presented at the weigh-in.
    2. Where a species is required to be photographed, measured and released at sea, it is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure all required photographs and measurements are taken to present at the weigh-in.
    3. If more than one species is presented at the scales, then the smallest fish will count.
    4. Where boats tie on the number of species caught, then the position will be decided on the overall weight of the species eligible to be brought in to weigh (photographed species do not count).
    5. Only fish designated as “Nominated Species” will be weighed on subsequent days with a view to improving a boats aggregate weight.
    6. Once caught and weighed, species not on the nominated list, will only be weighed and count towards the Best Specimen of the Week Trophy and any cash prizes.
  17. Launching and Harbour Etiquette
    1. Full instructions regarding the launching of boats and parking of vehicles and trailers will be given on Opening Night. It is essential that these rules are followed to ensure the safety and efficiency of the process.
    2. The Slipway and turning bay at Kilmore Quay are not to be used for getting boats ready for the water or ready for the road at the end of the days fishing.
    3. When a queue has formed for the launching or recovery of boats at Kilmore Quay, competitors must join the end of the queue. If, after joining the queue a competitor is ready to launch before the boat ahead, they must first inform the boat in front for safety reasons and then leave the quay to launch.
    4. The speed limit of three knots must be observed within the harbour limits at Kilmore Quay.
    5. Any infringement of the above rules, if brought to the attention of the committee, may result in a penalty of two species subtracted from a competitor’s overall list.
  18. Boats may only leave the starting point when instructed to do so by their Group Leader. Failure to comply with this regulation may lead to disqualification on that day.
  19. Boats and vehicles may be subject to scrutiny by their Group Leader or Harbour Marshall to ensure that safety and fair play are being observed. A random check will be made of a boat in each group each day.
  20. Boats are not permitted to come together at sea during the competition, except in cases of emergency or safety. Any boat returning late to the starting point must give a reason, in writing, to the committee. Their catch will be weighed in pending a decision by the committee and providing that the scales have not closed.
  21. Fishing will not be permitted within the confines of Kilmore Quay Harbour. The boundary will be the outermost walls of the harbour, i.e. no fishing within the boundary.
  22. Crab Pot Buoys, Cardinal Buoys and any other Navigation Buoys must never be used for anchorage. Infringement of this rule with result in disqualification on that day and possibly further punitive measures.
  23. No competitors are allowed in the weigh-in area. The only exception to this rule is where the competitor is also a member of the organising committee, officiating at the weigh-in or is called upon to settle a dispute.
  24. All fish brought to the scales must be greater than or equal to the competition minimum size limits, which are detailed on the Species List. Fish will be measured from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail, including ray species.
  25. It is the responsibility of the skipper to ensure that all of their fish are weighed in and accounted for. In the case of photographed species, it is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure that all the correct photographs have been taken, in the correct format and are in focus, clear and include the daily card.
  26. Weaver, sharks, sea trout and all plankton and filter-feeding fish are excluded. Other excluded species will be brought to the attention of all prior to the start of the festival.
  27. It is the responsibility of the competitors to bring to the notice of the Group Leader or Inland Fisheries Inspectors any fish that they consider to be of Irish Specimen Size.
  28. No rubbish whatsoever to be thrown into the sea. All litter is to be kept and disposed of on land.
  29. All competitors are expected to act in the spirit of the competition and with sportsmanship at all times.
  30. Should there be a distress call from any boat, including boats not entered into the competition, within the vicinity of a competitor, then assistance will be rendered immediately by that competitor. They will be compensated for the loss of fishing time at a future date, wherever possible.

Weigh-in and Photographed Species

In the interests of conservation, from 2018 the Rosslare Small Boats Festival will include a number of species which will require photographing and releasing. This is instead of bringing those fish to the scales.

The laminated Species List includes all of the species eligible for the Festival and includes an easy to read key and requirements section so that each boat knows which species require photographing, what photographs are needed, and also which species are still required to be brought in.

Please note that species that are not on the list and are over 12cm, are eligible to be weighed in for the competition.

The Species List Includes:

  1. Minimum size limits for each fish, fish whether brought to the scales or photographed are required to be over this size limit.
  2. Species with a tick in the NS column are Nominated Species.
  3. Species with a camera icon in the Type column are species that need to be photographed and released.
  4. Species with a weight symbol in the Type column are species that need to be brought to the scales.
  5. The Photo Requirements column explains what photographs are required. Some species require several photographs for identification purposes.

Each boat will be given:

  1. An official IFI Specimen Fish Committee Measuring Mat.
  2. A card, each day that must be clearly shown in all photographs.

NB: All IFI Measuring Mats must be handed back at the end of the competition.

Rules for Photographing Species

  1. If at any time you are not sure about a species, what to do or if you think the picture will not confirm the fishes identify, bring the fish to the scales.
  2. It is the skipper’s responsibility to make sure that all photographs taken by any crew member are clear and of the required parts of the fish requested on the Species List Sheet. They must also show the daily card in the picture with the fish.
  3. In the interests of conservation, the Conningbeg Trophy and Prize will now be for the longest bass, from tip of the snout to tip of the tail, the total length.
  4. If you catch a species that requires photographing and it is a specimen, please bring this fish to the scales if you want to claim a specimen. This is at the skipper’s discretion as no weight will be added to your overall catch. If it is a length-based specimen, take the appropriate photographs on the measuring mat as outlined on the Species List.
  5. If at any time you are unsure of what is required, ask a committee member or your Group Leader.
  6. It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure that all camera phones are working. That the phone has sufficient battery, enough memory and that there is a backup i.e. a second crew member taking back up photographs, in case of any issues. We recommend all skippers have on board a means to charge their phones via an inexpensive portable power bank, for example, that can be purchased at most electronic retailers.

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